All Your Questions About Our Linen French Bedding

Whether you've been thinking about investing in your bed lately or want to experience the benefits of French Linen bring. We are always ready to answer all your questions about Linen-related issues.
We will answer the most common questions about linen below !!!

Linen Fabric Durable?
The flax fiber used to make SCANDALINEN 's bed linen is grown with very little water and pesticides in its production making it a much more sustainable choice than other materials.
Linen is the ideal, earth-friendly choice for your bed because it's both recyclable and biodegradable, so you can rest assured that it's easy to use.
Will sleeping in linen make it cold in winter?
Let us explain. Flax fibers have a hollow core which means they have a looser weave than other bed linen materials. This is beneficial because it means your linens will naturally insulate in the winter and stay cool in the summer — you won't have to rummage through your closet to change your bedding when the seasons change
How to wash fabrics?
To make sure you're protecting the fibers in your linens, wash your bedding in cold or warm water only. You can wash it by hand or by using a washing machine (on a gentle cycle) with a mild liquid detergent. If you're not sure if your current detergent is suitable, test it on a small area of the fabric first.
Do I need to iron my clothes?
We love the natural creases that form in our linen and the casual and comfortable look it provides.
With that said, you can defind if you find them a bit too wrinkled for your liking. Try a steam iron on medium to smooth things out with ease.
French Linen comfortable to sleep on?
Our 100% French linen provides a soft slumber to help you rest your head for a good night's sleep all night.
After each wash, you'll find that your linen becomes softer and more absorbent without having to use any traditional fabric softeners.
Why should you buy Linen bedding at SCANDALINEN
Linen bedding can be more expensive than other materials on the materials.  Because Linen fabric relies heavily on time and cares to create the final product. However, we think it's worth it, for all of the reasons listed above, and we advocate buying quality pieces that have been around for many years.
We hope that all the information above has debunked some myths about linen and helped you better understand the benefits of sleeping in linen bedding. Are you ready to sleep on Linen bedding?

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