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It is not surprising that SCANDALINEN appreciates the benefits that 100% French Linen bedding sets bring. The breathability and elegance that Linen brings are unquestionable. For someone who has never slept on linen sheets before, there are some differences that you will feel the first time.

Here's a full rundown of what you can expect when you order French Linen for the first time

Softer with time

You don't have to do anything overwhelming to feel the softness. Simply washing the sheets with liquid detergent on a cold, gentle cycle and then air-drying should suffice. With each wash, your linen becomes more absorbent and feels coarser and softer without actually fraying. The more you wash, the softer the linen will be, not worn out or weak.

There are natural wrinkles 

The natural wrinkles of 100% linen are what make the fabric so perfect. If you like the natural, and unconventional, you'll love the style with the imperfect silhouette in natural French Linen. Linen wrinkles are like ripples, this is the natural beauty of this fabric.

Highlights of Linen Wrinkles have made this fabric a favorite of many people. Because many people like the lines that only this Linen material has, the wrinkles on the fabric will create a highlight for the wearer, and the soft curves help to assert the unique beauty that can only be found in the wrinkled Linen fabric.


Flax fabric is twice as strong as cotton or wool and even more durable when wet. Despite the strength of time, it becomes even softer over time. Linen is also very durable than other bed linens suitable for use over the years.

Natural properties of flax fiber and modern production technology, French Linen has very good heat resistance, adapt to the weather, and keeps the fabric beautiful and colorfast for a long time. Even more interesting is that the fabric after each time it is soaked in water becomes even more durable. While other fabrics are often frayed, stretch, or reduce the bond between the fibers.

Adjust the temperature

French linen keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Any heat your body generates at night won't escape.

Linen is favored for its temperature-regulating properties, and natural electrical insulation, due to the unique weaving method that makes linen fabric breathe, helping to create a feeling of comfort, and lightness but still delicate

Feel the texture of the fabric

The linen surface is not smooth like artificial fabrics, feels a bit rough to the touch, and has low light-catching. After a long time of use, it will feel lighter and looser but not rotten or stretched.

For some people, Linen feels like a breath of fresh air that keeps the skin fresh. French Linen feels different from machine-woven cotton.

In short

Comfort is the most well-known benefit of lying on French Linen. If you read all the points above, you might already have the idea that French Linen, which is light, breathable, moisture-wicking, and heat-insulating, is the top choice of bedding material.

If you are also looking for the most luxurious French Linen bedding products, please refer to SCANDALINEN.

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