What to expect for the first time sleeping on linen

What to expect for the first time sleeping on linen

It's no surprise that we appreciate the diverse benefits of 100% Linen bedding. The breathability and elegance that Linen brings are undisputed. For someone who has never slept on linen sheets before, there will be some differences that you will notice the first time you sleep.

For starters, it will feel different on your skin and add a worthy vibe to your bedroom. And with each use, you'll find that your linen fabric only gets softer and colder with prolonged use.

If that's not all, here's a full rundown of what you can expect when you order your first Linen set.

Here the things to expect when ordering bed linen for the first time in your life:

They become softer overtime

You don't have to do anything overwhelming to feel the softness of Linen  Simply washing the sheets with liquid detergent on a cold, gentle cycle and then air-drying should suffice. With each wash, your linen becomes more absorbent and feels coarser and softer without actually fraying. The more you wash, the softer the linen will be, without wear or weakness.

Will there will be natural wrinkles on linen

The natural wrinkles of 100% linen are what make the fabric so perfect. If you like the natural, no rules and no time to take care of your bed every morning - then You'll love the finish of an imperfectly styled bed upholstered in natural linen.

You can iron the linen if you want, but it will look good (maybe even better) if you keep the creases intact.

They dry faster

Say goodbye to long dryer cycles or days of constant hanging on the cord. Linen fabric has natural moisture absorption properties, which is a great advantage for people who sweat while sleeping

Linen sheets should naturally dry in the shade, but if it's raining, or you don't have enough space to dry your bedding, a gentle low-temperature drying cycle will help. to replace.

Linen - No wear and tear over time

Linen is known for its durability, which is why you probably won't see it tear in the corners like other fabrics.

Linen twice as durable as cotton or wool and even more durable when wet. Despite the strength of time, it becomes even softer over time.

Linen bedding also holds its shape better than other linens, helping it stay fresh and fit perfectly year after year.

Linen regulate temperature

Linen is a natural insulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The fabric essentially insulates you, which means any heat your body generates at night won't escape. If you want to stay cool, linen will keep you cooler. If you want to stay warm, you'll stay warm until you wake up.

Linen support good sleep hygiene

In addition to its natural temperature-regulating effect, the softness of linen will help you relax throughout the night, and at the same time has antibacterial properties, helping your sleeping space stay fresh and clean.

We can feel the texture of linen

For some people, the feeling of linen is like a breath of fresh air against their skin. Natural Linen - a porous, absorbent natural fiber that feels different the machine-woven cotton.

It is best to wash them before use

Some problems that can occur during the first few washes, you will find in the dryer lint tray or on the bottom of your clothesline. This won't happen to everyone, but if it happens to you, you should consider soaking the fabric and then washing it.

Pre-washing also helps remove excess dye from the fabric and prevents the color from drifting when it arrives at your new home. Even though the new linens that arrive are pre-washed, it's best to wash them before you make the bed.

Strong fabric

Although linen has a low GSM - grams per square meter or the metric by which the fabric is weighed - the fiber itself is extremely strong and durable. A good set of linens is an investment for many years because of the long life of linen. The hardness and durability of genuine linen mean that the fabric doesn't wear out when you wash it.

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