What is Linen beding?? Why people like it?

What is Linen beding?? Why people like it?

What are bedsheets?

- Linens (or bedding in the US) are an essential part of any bed

- The type, style and purpose of bed linen has changed over history and in different parts of the world;

- In the article below, we will learn a little more about what bed linen is.

Bed linens bear different names in different parts of the world. For example, in Australia the bed sheet is called Manchester, while in the US it is called bedding. However, whatever the name implies, a bedroom decor would be complete without the right linen sheets . In the article below, we will explain the history of bed linen, types and sizes.

The History of Bed Sheets

Bed linen was first used in 3000 BC by Egyptian Kings, who were known to elevate their beds and decorate them with rich and quality linen.

Besides the Egyptian kings, the Roman Empire also adopted the use of bed linen by stuffing feathers into their cushions and decorating their headboards with various paintings such as bronze, gold and silver. Since then, bed linen has evolved into what we have today, and now everyone can use them, unlike before when only the ruling class used them.

Originally, bedspreads had a center stitch on a rectangular canvas, but more recent linens have hems at the top and bottom. They have changed from hard and rough to luxurious and soft.

Bed linen comes in two styles: elastic and flat. Linen sheets are used when first preparing the bed, while flat linens are used to cover fitted linens.

Types of bed linen

- Bedspread: This type of towel is light and thin and should cover the entire bed. It stretches across the bed until it reaches the floor. Most of the materials used to make bed sheets include chenille, wool, polyester and cotton.

- Duvet: Duvet is luxury bedding with high comfort. It is covered by a duvet cover to protect it from wear or tear. Most of the time, the cover is made of trim and has zippers or buttons to form an easy quilt. Across the UK, bedding is the most commonly used American bedding.

- Coverlet: These are woven linen materials that are mainly used at the foot of a bed or pillow. They are mainly used at night, in inns and small hotel rooms.

- Flat Sheets: Flat sheet is used as a fit sheet or top cover for bedspreads in most regions, although the most commonly used flat sheet in the UK is a duvet.

- Comforter: As the name suggests, soft bed sheets combine great things to create comfort. Basically, blankets are rectangular or square in shape with different sizes and decorations or colors. In some regions, cotton blankets are used as a top cover, for example in the North American region.

- Blankets: Blankets have unique uses and can be used in place of blankets although some people may use them as a blanket. Regardless of how they are used, blankets provide warmth in addition to appeal. They are a perfect choice for children's beds as they are made from plush cotton, wool, microfiber, or even a fabric blend.

Size of bed linen

Across the Americas, bed linen sizes are standard. The most popular sizes are:

Double: 38” x 75” (96.5 x 190.5 cm)

Twin XL: 38” x 80” (96.5 x 203 cm)

Full: 53” x 75” (134.5 x 190.5 cm)

Queen: 60” x 80” (152.5 x 203 cm)

King: 76” x 80” (193 x 203 cm)

California King: 72” x 84” (183 x 213 cm)


In general, bed linen is becoming the most popular and used by people all over the world. Unlike what was in the past, bed sheets now come in different types and sizes to suit everyone's taste.

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